“Anna has helped me because she has taught me more things about my wheelchair that I didn’t already know.  She has helped me feel more confident about myself and my wheelchair.  She is an amazing person and she is a really good help advising me how to do new things and trying new skills.  She has encouraged me to do things when I have been worried about doing them, but also if I didn’t want to because I didn’t think that I could do them.”

Abbie’s Parents:

“From a parents point of view, your help, advice and friendship have been more valuable than you could imagine.  You have experienced things in your life that our daughter has then also experienced and your advice has made a difference to how our family has coped with those situations.  Our daughter has had the good fortune to work with you during many of the go kids go training days and takes great inspiration from every meeting (we have been attending the courses for around ten years and will hopefully continue to do so).  She has benefitted in various ways, from learning simple tasks like carrying a drink, through the ever useful skill of back wheel balancing (or wheelies to the layperson!), and onto life skills advice and confidence boosting chats.  You have been a great influence on the person our daughter is today because however much we try to empathise and think through anything she can come up against, you have gone through it and to have a life-role model like that has been very valuable.  Thank you so much.”


“Anna provides a vital service, which fills a major gap in the support available for young disabled people, providing an opportunity to have an adult pragmatic discussion about aspects of life unique to disabled people where the focus is not on medical limitations or making life merely “easy”. Anna engages with the individual about how they are uniquely affected by their disability.

In my particular case this meant giving me advice and guidance about what kind of wheelchair I needed to allow me to be fully mobile. She provided me with a foundation of wheelchair skills and helped me develop them. This greatly developed my mobility and confidence in using my wheelchair in and around town and in a variety of situations.

Anna is fully equipped to provide professional training in wheelchair skills and I had immense confidence in her teaching.

Anna’s own experience as a wheelchair user allowed her to give me invaluable advice about wheelchair maintenance and individual adaptations to the chair to make it more effective.

The net effect of this has been that I now have a lighter weight, properly fitting wheelchair, which I can use with proficiency and skill. This has given me more confidence. She has literally made me more mobile.

Anna focuses on the individual and what that person needs to achieve to live their life to capacity, rather than focusing solely on the limitations of any particular medical condition. She looks at the whole person.”