I am passionate about enabling disabled people to be as independent as they can be and, for wheelchair users, this often starts with wheelchair skills. Being independent increases your opportunities to get out of the house, to work and to socialise, in a nutshell to live!

As a youngster I was fortunate enough to attend a residential wheelchair skills course where I learned a range of skills which I have used on a frequent basis ever since:

  • Carrying a drink
  • Getting up and down kerbs
  • Getting up an escalator
  • Getting down stairs (without a lift!) as demonstrated by Oliver:

These types of skills are taught by a variety of organisations, often in groups, but this approach does not suit everyone. I am able to deliver training on a one to one basis at a pace that suits you.

I am based just south of Manchester but am willing to travel a reasonable distance within the region, I also frequently visit the East Midlands and Wiltshire. Please contact me for further details.